A History of Black Hairstyles (We Bet You Didn't Know About)

A History of Black Hairstyles (We Bet You Didn't Know About)

Braids and Cornrows

One hairstyle that is super versatile is braids and cornrows.  Styles can be simple or extremely intricate, and always gorgeous!  Did you know that braids and cornrows go way back to 3500 BC?  Braids and cornrows were considered to be practical (think your

protective style of today) and trendy! It wasn't just for "show" either! In Africa, " braids were a way to let people know who you were, your tribe, marital status, wealth, religion, and more." Braids were not just worn by women, braids were also an integral part of the male look! So when you rock your braids and cornrows?  You are totally showing your history!  Be proud!

The Press and Curl (and Madame CJ Walker)

Fast forward to the early 1900s and Sara Breedlove or as she is better known Madame CJ Walke  Madame CJ Walker revolutionized the press and curl hairstyles.  Not because she was vain, but she literally had her own hair and scalp issues that drove her not only to create the press and curl technique but to develop hair products to help with hair and scalp issues. Madame CJ Walker would also go on to be the first female self-made millionaire as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records!

The Afro (That 70's Groove!)

Back in the '70s, the afro was the groove! Everyone rocked an afro! From the everyday guy and gal to the who's who in Hollywood and music, the Afro was in! Easy to start, basically a good care regimen with no chemical treatments, just rocking that natural curl! The afro has remained popular even today and is a hairstyle for both men and women!

Back to Our Roots

For a long time, it was unacceptable to wear natural hair or afros to the workplace.  relaxers, wigs, and weaves became the "norm to conform".  The wig has become not just a way to conform but a way to really show your style regardless! Now, however, it is coming full circle and recently California became the first state that has passed laws preventing discrimination based on hairstyle or texture.  So show off your braids, go natural with your afro or show your style with your twist out! Whatever you choose, slay your beautiful hair!