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Zinc+ Peppermint
& Bentonite System

A combination of zinc, peppermint,
and bentonite clay that heals the scalp while conditioning and softening hair.

Follicle Booster

The #1 hair growth treatment balm with all-natural ingredients.
Feed Your Hair Follicles WITH 25 all 100% Natural Ingredients.

Made with the purest botanicals found in nature

Curly, color-treated, relaxed, natural transitioning

All natural and pure. Sulfate and paraben-free


Featured Products & Systems
Hair Smoothie Starter Set

Hair Smoothie Starter Set

Meet your hair’s new BFFs – The TRU-Balance Hair-Smoothie Starter Set!This triple combo of moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant, and detangler is like a moisturizing spa treatment for your hair. Perfect for all hair textures!

Follicle Booster Bloom Set

Follicle Booster Bloom Set

Ready to stop breakage? Encourage hair growth and prevent damage? Follicle Booster deeply penetrates the scalp and stimulates slow and inactive hair follicles. Color safe and gentle enough for daily use by women and men.

Moisture Growth System

Moisture Growth System

Loaded with the goodness this set has everything you need to encourage healthy hair growth and keep your hair naturally healthy and shiny. This set fortifies and renews chemically treated, heat-styled, natural, and transitioning hair by healing and repairing strands.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Restored My Edges
TRUBalance Hair Care your Follicle Booster restored my edges the Bloom kept me moisturized was really good in my parts when I had weave and the braids and the edge control the shine spray some of my favs 😍😍

-Rochelle Bunton

Absolutely Amazing
This line is absolutely amazing! The product smells so good, all natural products and very light on your hair. The answer to all hair care needs!! Love it!!!

-Maureen R.

This Stuff Gives Me Life!!!!
Umm...can we give a special shot out to the TRU balance hair Milkshake?!?!?!?!  OMG that stuff gives me LIFE!!!! My hair looks and feels soooo hydrated and I haven't had any tangles or knots since using it.  Combined with the Revitalize spray, this stuff is freaking Magic! Oh lawd.....I found me a new addiction.....👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😘

-De Brown

Two Days In and My Entire Life Has Been Changed
I ordered the zinc & Peppermint Elixir and Shine Pomade which was delivered yesterday.  Two days in and my entire life has been changed.  I suffer from severe scalp eczema and it seems I can never find products that moisture and help my scalp.  For over 10 years it has been a constant struggle and after two days I have absolutely no signs of eczema on my scalp.  Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating these amazing products.  You have a customer in my and I will be spreading the word!

-Kim F.
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