5 Tips for Length Retention To Grow Long, Healthy Hair

5 Tips for Length Retention To Grow Long, Healthy Hair

Scientifically, your hair is constantly growing, however, your length stays the "same".  You don't see any difference.  Why is that? 

There are several reasons why you're not seeing a difference in your length.  Keep reading for five quick tips on keeping your hair long, healthy, and happy. These five tips will help you cultivate length retention to keep your strands strong and healthy from root to end.

Moisturize and Seal Your Ends

While your ends might seem like they’re beyond saving, there are a few things you can do to help them out. If your ends are feeling dry, brittle, or tattered, it may be time to consider a moisturizing treatment. Additionally, if you’re trying to grow out your hair, you’ll want to seal your ends with a heat-protecting product to prevent breakage. Using a leave-in conditioner like RE-VITALIZE Leave-In Hair Mist and a heat protectant like HAIR-SMOOTHIE (to protect your strands if you use heat AND from the sun) can help prevent breakage at your ends (the oldest part of your hair), which in turn will help you retain your hair length.

Choose Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

If you want to get the most out of your hair, it’s important to choose styles that don’t overtax it. If you have longer hair, it’s also essential to choose a style that isn’t too complicated. You may want to steer clear of tight updos if you have fine hair since they put a lot of tension on the roots, which can cause breakage and thinning. Regardless of your hair's texture, you'll want to avoid tight, complicated styles and opt for styles that are easy on your strands.

Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Experts recommend sleeping with a silk pillowcase to prevent breakage caused by tugging and friction against synthetic materials. You may also consider wearing a silk sleep cap to protect your hair while you slumber. If you’re experiencing extreme hair breakage, you may want to ask your doctor if medication could be a contributing factor as well.

Be Gentle With Your Ends and Detangle With Care

If your ends feel brittle or break when you brush or comb them, it could be a sign that they’re overstressed. But before you chop off your hair, you’ll want to make sure you’re caring for your ends properly. If your ends are feeling dry, it may be time to use a moisturizing conditioner. You can also try applying a leave-in conditioner like REVITALIZE to your ends before brushing or combing them. Brush or comb your ends gently, and avoid combing your hair when it’s wet.

Say Bye-Bye to Split Ends

Split ends are blemishes that appear when your ends are overstressed and are ready to break off. If you’re experiencing a lot of breakage at your ends, it might be because of split ends. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce them and maintain your length. While trimming is usually recommended, you can keep split ends to a minimum before your regular trims.  Mist RE-VITALIZE from mid-shaft to ends after shampooing and conditioning your hair to maintain a healthy moisture/protein balance in your hair and reduce split ends from forming. 


Retaining your length is not as difficult as it might seem. Your hair is always growing.  Moisturize your hair, opt for lower maintenance hairstyles, protect your hair while you sleep, detangle carefully and keep split ends to a minimum.   Bonus: Be sure to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water along with our five tips, and you'll be on your way to longer, and healthier hair in no time!